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MITP Scientific Program "Low-Energy Precision Physics'
Organizers: Krishna Kumar (University of Massachusetts, Amherst), Michael Ramsey-Musolf (University of Wisconsin-Madison), Harvey Meyer, Hubert Spiesberger (Mainz University)
22.9.2013 – 10.10.2013

The scientific program will focus on the theory of low-energy precision physics relevant to the MESA and TRIGA initiatives. Topics include searches for TeV-scale physics beyond the Standard Model via ultra-precise measurements of parity-violating electron scattering asymmetries, determinations of neutron decay parameters via precision measurements of its lifetime and decay asymmetries as well as searches for EDMs of nucleons, nuclei and atoms. The necessary high-precision theoretical tools to analyze these experiments, which include advanced calculations of radiative corrections, will be explored and developed. Participants are expected to be actively involved in the program for at least two weeks. MITP provides funding support for local expenses.

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